JBVP Japanese Board of Veterinary Practitioners
Program Contents Japanese Board of Veterinary Practitioners 14th Annual Meeting 2012
Presidential Message
Foreign guest speakers
Japanese Speakers
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[Theme] Gentle Care, Gentle Management
[Date] Friday, September 15, 09:50 - 20:50
Saturday, September 16, 8:50-20:40
Sunday, September 17, 8:50-18:10
[Venue] Hotel New Otani Tokyo
Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
[Organizer] JBVP(Japanese Board of Veterinary Practitioners)
Presidential Message
Program Contents
Takuo Ishida, DVM, PhD, DJCVP.
Japanese Board of Veterinary Practitioners
The Japanese Board of Veterinary Practitioners was very pleased to have received recognition as a national member of the World Small Animal Veterinary Medical Association (WSAVA) by a unanimous vote of the WSAVA General Assembly meeting in Jeju Island, Korea in 2011, and we proudly announce that JBVP is now officially recognized as a national member of Federation of Asian Small Animal Veterinary Associations (FASAVA). The JBVP has been making these efforts to connect with our professional peers worldwide as, after having devoted many years to promoting veterinary postgraduate education in Japan, we now see our role as extending our domestic developments in companion animal medicine and professional education beyond the borders of Japan, to our neighbors in Asia, and worldwide. It is indeed a pleasure to announce that JBVP, with a hand-in-hand close relationship with the Tokyo Veterinary Medical association, will host 2019 FASAVA Congress in Tokyo.

In making these efforts, we believe we are, in fact, returning to our roots. While for many years in the previous century, Japanese were eager to learn foreign languages and to go abroad for education or business, at some point in recent decades this began to slip, and today far fewer Japanese study or work overseas.

The JBVP is dedicated to reversing this trend, and sees this Annual Meeting as a strong tool for promoting international ties and education in both directions. Japan has a long history of veterinary medicine stretching back to the Meiji Era, and has continuously devoted energy to the development of veterinary medicine. Leading veterinarians in Japan have utilized the infusion of new knowledge from overseas to develop skills and medicines, and it is now our responsibility to see that this medical and scientific knowledge find its way out to the world.

Towards these goals, the JBVP has committed to devoting resources and effort to promoting internationalization and international exchange. The 2017 Annual Meeting again will welcome a large number of guests from outside Japan. The JBVP is determined to raise every aspect of our annual meetings, including the scientific programs, hospitality, human-animal bonding, and client education, to create new standards in our field.
Foreign guest speakers (alphabetical order)
Dr. Marty Goldstein / Smith Ridge Veterinary Center (USA)
Dr. J.J.Lin / Hood College (USA)
Dr. Chand Khanna / Ethos Veterinary Health(USA)
Japanese Speakers/Chairperson/Advisor/Presentator (alphabetical order)
Dr. Hideo Akiyoshi / Osaka Prefecture University
Dr. Makoto Asakawa / Synergy Animal General Hospital (Saitama)
Dr. Midori Asakawa / Synergy Animal General Hospital (Saitama)
Dr. Kazushi Asano / Nihon University
Dr. Kazuya Edamura / Nihon University
Dr. Hitomi Fujii / Daikanyama Animal Hospital(Tokyo)
Dr. Keiichi Fujita / Fujita Animal Hospital(Saitama)
Dr. Michio Fujita / Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
Dr. Yukihiro Fujita / Azabu University
Dr. Aki Fujiwara / Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
Dr. Ryuji Fukushima / Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Dr. Kei Harada / Japan Small Animal Medical Center,Japan Small Animal Cancer Center(Saitama)
Dr. Daisuke Hasegawa / Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
Dr. Yuki Hattori / Tokyo Feline Medical Center(Tokyo)
Ms. Akemi Hayashi / Tax accountant office Akemi Hayashi
Dr. Miyuki Hirabayashi / Saitama Medical Center (Saitama)
Dr. Masahiko Hirata / IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.
Dr. Tatsuya Hori / Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
Dr. Kenji Hosoya / Hokkaido University
Dr. Hirotaka Igarashi / Rakuno Gakuen University
Dr. Tomoya Iizuka / The University of Tokyo
Dr. Mami Irimajiri / Hill's-Colgate(JAPAN)Ltd.
Dr. Takuo Ishida / President JBVP, Akasaka Animal Hospital (Tokyo)
Dr. Katsumi Ishioka / Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
Dr. Hiroyuki Ito / Kariya Animal Hospital (Chiba)
Dr. Satomi Iwai / Kitasato University
Dr. Keita Iyori / Vet Derm Tokyo Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)
Mr. Ryoji Jumonji / Tsuchiya Accounting Office
Dr. Tsuyoshi Kadosawa / Rakuno Gakuen University
Dr. Yumiko Kagawa / Northlab (Hokkaido)
Dr. Hiroaki Kamishina / Gifu University
Dr. Hiroo Kanai / Kanai Veterinary Surgery(Hyogo)
Dr. Shinichi Kanazono / Saitama Medical Center (Saitama)
Dr. Nobuo Kanno / Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
Dr. Naoki Kashihara / Kawasaki Medical School
Dr. Masaaki Katayama / Iwate University
Dr. Koji Kawano / Primo Animal Hospital(Tokyo)
Dr. Mutsumi Kawata / Neo Vets VR Ccenter(Osaka)
Dr. Tsuyoshi Kimura / Kimura Veteriinary Hospital(Shiga)
Mr. Tetsuya Kitano / Sustaina Consulting Co., Ltd.
Dr. Masanori Kobayashi / Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
Dr. Tetsuya Kobayashi / Japan Small Animal Medical Center,Japan Small Animal Cancer Center (Saitama)
Dr. Kazuyoshi Koide / Ikasa Animal Medical Center Koide Animal Hospital (Okayama)
Mr. Kazunari Koseki / Hongo Iwashiya Corporation
Dr. Tomoko Kubota / Interpreter
Dr. Goro Kurita / Kurita Animal Hospital (Ibaraki)
Dr. Yasuhito Kuwahara / Kuwahara Animal Hospital(Aichi)
Dr. Naoaki Matsuki / Matsuki Animal Hospital(Tokyo)
Dr. Syuji Matsumoto / Kagoshima University
Dr. Fukiko Matsuyama / Japan Small Animal Medical Center,Japan Small Animal Cancer Center (Saitama)
Dr. Yuichi Miyagawa / Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
Dr. Aki Miyake / Cherish Life Japan Co.,Ltd.
Dr. Takayuki Miyazawa / Kyoto University
Dr. Masaya Mizukami / Mizukami Dog Cat Bird Clinic(Kanagawa)
Dr. Hiroko Morita / Daktari Animal Hospital(Kyoto)
Dr. Kaori Murata / Mominoki Animal Hospital (Hyogo)
Dr. Yoshiteru Murata / Murata Animal Hospital (Chiba)
Dr. Nobuo Murayama / Dermatology Service for Dogs and Cats(Tokyo)
Dr. Masahiko Nagata / Synergy Animal General Hospital (Saitama)
Mr. Kenichi Nakada / Dog Salon Ralf Land(Kanagawa)
Dr. Yuya Nakamoto / KyotoAR Veterinary Neurology Center
Dr. Atsushi Nakamura / TRVA Animal Medical Center(Tokyo)
Dr. Kensuke Nakamura / University of Miyazaki
Dr. Ko Nakashima / Japan Small Animal Medical Center (Saitama)
Dr. Mikihiro Narukawa / Narukawa Animal Medical Center(Mie)
Dr. Sakurako Neo / Azabu University
Dr. Koji Nishifuji / Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Mr. Bunji Nishikawa / Can ! Do ! Pet Dog School (Tokyo)
Mr. Yoshihiko Nishikawa / Medical Plaza Co. Ltd.
Dr. Ryohei Nishimura / The University of Tokyo
Dr. Akihiro Niwa / Rakuno Gakuen University
Dr. Seigo Ogasawara / IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.
Dr. Ai Ogawa / Camic Co., Ltd(Tokyo)
Dr. Taro Ooishi / Yasaka Animal Care Center(Okayama)
Ms. Emiko Okano / Nagomi Group
Mr. Masaharu Okano / Nagomi Group
Dr. Shozo Okano / Kitasato University
Dr. Ayako Okuda / Vettec Dentistry (Tokyo)
Dr. Kei Ono / Pal Animal Hospita (Shizuoka)
Dr. Sadaharu Ono / Oosagami Animal Clinic(Saitama)
Dr. Shin Ono / Sky Vets, Meguro Animal Medical Center (Tokyo)
Dr. Kouichi Oono / The University of Tokyo
Dr. Joji Oota / Inuyama Animal General Medical Center (Aichi)
Dr. Hiromitsu Orima / ORM Co., Ltd., Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
Dr. Makiko Ozawa / Kannai Animal Clinic(Kanagawa)
Dr. Kenji Rimpo / Saitama Medical Center (Saitama)
Dr. Hideharu Saeki / Saeki Veterinary Science
Dr. Miyoko Saito / Azabu University
Dr. Toshinori Sako / Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
Dr. Iwao Sakonju / Kitasato University
Dr. Tadashi Sano / Rakuno Gakuen University
Dr. Maiko Sekiguchi / IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.
Dr. Hiroko Shibanai / Akasaka Animal Hospital (Tokyo)
Dr. Yasutake Shimizu / Gifu University
Dr. Tetsuya Shimoda / Sanyo Animal Medical Center (Okayama)
Dr. Takayuki Shin / Shin Animal Hospita (Osaka)
Dr. Haruka Shirai / Niigata Pet Behavior Clinic(Niigata)
Dr. Yukihito Shiroshita / Sagamigaoka Animal Clinic (Kanagawa)
Dr. Shiro Tachikawa / Tachikawa Animal Hospital (Kanagawa)
Ms. Miki Takagi / Tall Tree(Shiga)
Dr. Satoshi Takagi / Hokkaido University
Dr. Jun Takahashi / Kariya Animal Hospital (Chiba)
Dr. Masashi Takahashi / Kagoshima University
Dr. Takashi Takahashi / Kitasato University
Dr. Naoyuki Takemura / Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University
Dr. Kazuyoshi Takeuchi / Sagami Central Animal Medical Center(Kanagawa)
Dr. Isao Toda / Toda Animal Hospital (Tokyo)
Dr. Kazuyoshi Tokumoto / Helix Co. Ltd.
Dr. Mikihiko Tokuriki / Yamaguchi University
Dr. Shido Torisu / University of Miyazaki
Dr. Atsushi Toshima / Japan Small Animal Medical Center (Saitama)
Dr. Yasuhiko Tsuchida / Gori Veterinary ClinicR (Aomori)
Dr. Hajime Tsujimoto / The University of Tokyo
Dr. Hiroki Tsujita / Veterinary Ophthalmology Specialized Clinic(Osaka)
Dr. Keiko Uchida / Veterinarian
Dr. Asuka Ueshima / Saitama Medical Center (Saitama)
Dr. Yasuyoshi Umeda / Yokohama Animal Eye Clinic(Kanagawa)
Dr. Miho Wada / Family Animal Hospital(Chiba)
Dr. Shinsuke Wakaiki / Triangle Animal Eye Clinic(Tokyo)
Mr. Kazuaki Watanabe / Grooming Space Simple(Tokyo)
Dr. Toshihiro Watari / Nihon University
Dr. Kentaro Yamagishi / Hongo Animal Clinic (Nagano)
Mr. Daisuke Yamaguchi / Nakajima Hisao Building Research Institute
Dr. Shinya Yamaguchi / Tokyo Animal Orthopaedic Surgery Hospital(Tokyo)
Dr. Yoshiki Yamaya / Nihon University
Dr. Kenichi Yamazaki / Yamazaki Animal Hospital (Saitama)
Dr. Hiroki Yamazaki / Osaka Prefecture University
Mr. Jun Yazaki / House Dog Training Instructor (JAHA Certified)
Dr. Kensuke Yoneji / Nara Animal Referral Medical Clinic (Nara)
Dr. Munenori Yoshida / Queue Animal Hospital (Osaka)
Registration Fees
  Advance 3-day Ticket Advance 1-day Ticket 3-day Ticket
(On-site registration)
1-day Ticket
(On-site registration)
31,000 Yen 22,000 Yen 36,000 Yen 26,000 Yen
Associate Veterinarians 24,000 Yen 16,000 Yen 29,000 Yen 20,000 Yen
Veterinary Nurses 19,000 Yen 12,000 Yen 23,000 Yen 14,000 Yen
University Faculty Complimentary      
Veterinary Students (*)   5,500 Yen   7,500 Yen
Non-professional Participants   1,500 Yen   2,000 Yen
Evening Programs
Friday, 25. 18:50-
Associate Veterinarians (also Veterinary Students) 3,000 Yen Veterinary Nurses 2,000 Yen
Evening Programs
Saturday, 26. 18:20-
Associate Veterinarians (also Veterinary Students) 4,000 Yen Veterinary Nurses 2,000 Yen
*including full-time residents (attending 4 days a week or more).
Please show your student identification card at the entrance.
Conference Proceedings
Proceedings book plus USB flash drive (entire program): 13,000 Yen
VN & Public Forum Proceedings: 6,000 Yen
Proceedings in USB flash drive (entire program): 9,000 Yen
Advance Registration
For registration and fee payment in advance, please contact the JBVP head office.
For University faculty, please make registration in advance. Registration fee is complimentary.
Due Date for Advance Registration
August 25, 2017
JBVP Forum Head Office
E-mail: info@jbvp.org
Address: 2nd floor MISAWA bldg., 5-21-5 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051, JAPAN
Facsimile: 81-3-3355-6787