JBVP Japanese Board of Veterinary Practitioners
Program Contents Japanese Board of Veterinary Practitioners 14th Annual Meeting 2012
[Theme] Gentle Care, Gentle Management
[Date] Friday, September 25, 09:50 - 21:40
Saturday, September 26, 8:50-21:00
Sunday, September 27, 8:50-18:00
[Venue] Hotel New Otani Tokyo
Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
[Organizer] JBVP(Japanese Board of Veterinary Practitioners)
Presidential Message
Program Contents
Takuo Ishida, DVM, PhD, DJCVP.
Japanese Board of Veterinary Practitioners
The Japanese Board of Veterinary Practitioners was very pleased to have received recognition as a national member of the World Small Animal Veterinary Medical Association (WSAVA) by a unanimous vote of the WSAVA General Assembly meeting in Jeju Island, Korea in 2011, and we proudly announce that JBVP is now officially recognized as a national member of Federation of Asian Small Animal Veterinary Associations (FASAVA). The JBVP has been making these efforts to connect with our professional peers worldwide as, after having devoted many years to promoting veterinary postgraduate education in Japan, we now see our role as extending our domestic developments in companion animal medicine and professional education beyond the borders of Japan, to our neighbors in Asia, and worldwide. It is indeed a pleasure to announce that JBVP, with a hand-in-hand close relationship with the Tokyo Veterinary Medical association, will host 2019 FASAVA Congress in Tokyo.

In making these efforts, we believe we are, in fact, returning to our roots. While for many years in the previous century, Japanese were eager to learn foreign languages and to go abroad for education or business, at some point in recent decades this began to slip, and today far fewer Japanese study or work overseas.

The JBVP is dedicated to reversing this trend, and sees this Annual Meeting as a strong tool for promoting international ties and education in both directions. Japan has a long history of veterinary medicine stretching back to the Meiji Era, and has continuously devoted energy to the development of veterinary medicine. Leading veterinarians in Japan have utilized the infusion of new knowledge from overseas to develop skills and medicines, and it is now our responsibility to see that this medical and scientific knowledge find its way out to the world.

Towards these goals, the JBVP has committed to devoting resources and effort to promoting internationalization and international exchange. The 2014 Annual Meeting again will welcome a large number of guests from outside Japan. The JBVP is determined to raise every aspect of our annual meetings, including the scientific programs, hospitality, human-animal bonding, and client education, to create new standards in our field.
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31,000 Yen 21,000 Yen 36,000 Yen 26,000 Yen
Doctors 24,000 Yen 16,000 Yen 29,000 Yen 20,000 Yen
Veterinary Nurses 19,000 Yen 12,000 Yen 23,000 Yen 14,000 Yen
University Faculty Complimentary      
Veterinary Students (*)   5,500 Yen   7,500 Yen
Non-professional Participants   1,500 Yen   2,000 Yen
Evening Programs
Friday, 25. 18:50-
Doctors (Including Veterinary Students) 3,000 Yen Veterinary Nurses 2,000 Yen
Evening Programs
Saturday, 26. 18:20-
Doctors (Including Veterinary Students) 4,000 Yen Veterinary Nurses 2,000 Yen
*including full-time residents (attending 4 days a week or more).
Please show your student identification card at the entrance.
Veterinary Brochure with USB Flash Drive (Entire program): 13,000 Yen
VN & Public Forum Brochure: 6,000 Yen
Program in USB Flash Drive (Entire program): 9,000 Yen
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September 4, 2015
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